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All About Me I.D. Program

Child Find developed the All About Me I.D. program in 1984, providing parents with comprehensive child identification.

The All About Me I.D. Booklet includes a recent photograph, relevant information about the child and a set of ink fingerprints. This program is delivered by our friendly, trained and police-screened staff members and volunteers.

The main purpose of this program is to supply parents with standardized child identification, a valuable resource in the event of an unfortunate case of a missing child; as well as impresses upon the need for parents to maintain up-to-date records of their children.

In 2010, CFA fingerprinted 4,260 children across Alberta. Over the past 10 years CFA has fingerprinted 92,982 children.

Child Find’s national partnership with Canon Canada ensures that this vital service continues to be provided free of charge to families by providing cameras, photo paper, printers and ink to CFA every year.


In efforts to reinforce our I.D. Program. We have available our I.D. Document, which can be completed online for your records only.

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