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Educating Children & Parents

For over 16 years Child Find Alberta has delivered educational presentations to children, parents and the community that teach strategies to keep children safe from abduction and exploitation. In 2012, we provided presentations to almost 5,000 children.

Kindergarten – Grade 3

During our 50 minute presentation students learn about what they can do if someone they don’t know makes them feel uncomfortable or asks them to go somewhere with them. Children learn to say “No!” to an adult who makes them feel uncomfortable or makes an unsafe request. We also teach safety strategies students can use if they are ever lost. We mix games with discussion so students learn they have the right to be safe in a fun and caring environment.

Grade 4-6

During our 50 minute interactive program students learn about the dangers of running away, parental and stranger abductions. We focus on the important of trusting your instincts and we teach safety strategies focusing on online and home alone safety. By mixing discussion, group work, and games we allow students to have fun while exploring important topics.

Educational Resouces

NEW I AM SAFE ONLINE - Family Contract.

NEW I AM SAFE HOME ALONE - My Stay Home Alone Check List.

Book an Educational Presentation

If you are interested in our education presentations, please contact Erica, Program Coordinator through the following form:

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