To our Friends and Supporters;

Following several months of valuable discussion and debate, the Board of Directors of Child Find Alberta has undertaken its most significant decision: Effective October 31, 2014, Child Find Alberta will cease providing services to Albertans and close its offices permanently.

Child Find Alberta, its staff, volunteers and supporters should be proud of the leadership shown through the years to bring home our missing children. For more than 31 years, Child Find Alberta provided support to missing children and their families throughout the province – including developing educational resources and best practices and supporting a valuable network of agencies throughout North America.

The decision to dissolve Child Find Alberta is not a negative one: It is a thoughtful one that is, frankly, based on the success we have had as a pioneer in providing services for missing children and their families. Child Find Alberta was Canada’s first child search agency – when we first began, there was little alternative for families and citizens seeking resources and support.

Today, we are proud that many others have now taken up the work that we started in 1983. Indeed, as the Internet and social media have shrunk our global community, the incidence of missing and abducted children has drastically decreased and high quality educational resources and tools for parents and families have become available widely online. At the same time, the online world has created a new problem – increasing numbers of children being exploited electronically.

In 2010, Child Find Alberta formed a partnership with the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC), and this partnership has allowed Child Find to work with MCSC, and their innovative programs, including the Most Valuable Network, and Code Search. These programs have allowed MCSC to not only meet the demands of a connected world, but work to bring home missing children in a digital age.

We are proud of the strong working relationship that we have developed with MCSC, and are pleased that the mission of Child Find Alberta will live on through MCSC’s innovative services and continued support for families throughout Alberta. Since 1986 it has developed unique and comprehensive programs to assist law enforcement and families in active and ongoing searches for missing children, helping to bring answers and reuniting missing children with their loved ones.

On behalf of the Board, Executive Director Bradley Bostock, our staff and all of our volunteers, I want to thank you for your steadfast support for our work to help our province’s families and children. We sincerely hope you will consider supporting the Missing Children Society of Canada as they continue on what we started so long ago.


Jeff Rutledge
Chair, Board of Directors
Child Find Alberta Society

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